1 million donated items piled up in the warehouse… Jamboree is over, where are you?

During the Saemangeum Jamboree, donated먹튀검증 items poured in from all over the country as the news that teenagers from all over the world were exhausted from the record-breaking heatwave.

I’ve seen many articles looking into where these donated items are now.

During the Jamboree, about 4 million items were sent from local governments, businesses, and religious circles.

Of these, 3 million were distributed to scouts and leaders, but the remaining 1 million are still left, the article said.

After the event, the organizing committee moved it to a warehouse in Gimje-si, Jeollabuk-do.

Bottled water accounts for the largest amount of the remaining donated items, accounting for about 80% of the warehouse.

The rest are beverages, ice boxes, and cooling products, but most of them are said to be in good condition because they were moved without opening the packaging.

However, the problem is that the warehouse rental is only for a month, and bottled water and beverages are likely to deteriorate, so we have to hurry up and find a place to use them.

The organizing committee plans to distribute the donations free of charge after surveying the central administrative agencies and metropolitan cities and provinces nationwide for their willingness to use the donations.

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