100 million won scattered on the road… The money bag burst while driving a motorcycle

An accident occurred in which about 100 million won in cash was scattered on a road in the Philippines. According to ABS-CBN먹튀검증, the largest private broadcaster in the Philippines, on the 5th (local time), bills worth 4 million pesos and 100 million won in our money were scattered from a motorcycle that ran on a coastal road in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines the day before

. The money bag of a man riding a motorcycle exploded, throwing banknotes onto the road. The owner of the money, John Mark Varientos, is in charge of the cash transportation. He looked in the side mirror of his motorcycle and noticed the money was gone. Barrientos explained the situation at the time, saying, “I was picking up the money and other people were picking it up too.” According to local police, more than 2 million pesos have been recovered. Some of the people who found the money brought 10,000 to 20,000 pesos to the police station and returned them. Barrientos is not getting back about 1.2 million pesos. Local police have identified some of those who took the money. If they do not return the money, they will sue. Cebu City authorities are also said to be looking through closed circuit ( CC ) TV to find those who took the money .

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