“1+1=100 forces” Wave of President Yoon’s remarks… “Conflict fomentation” backlash

The opposition party immediately protested President Yoon’s remarks that they had no choice but to fight those who opposed Japan’s discharge of contaminated water. The Democratic Party, which criticized the people for dividing the people and encouraging conflict, plans to continue protests and demonstrations from today (30th).

The political situation was covered by reporter Sohmwon-wook. 


President Yoon Seok-yeol, who visited the People’s먹튀검증 Power Conference for the second year in a row, receiving cheers from lawmakers.

I’m talking about the voice against the discharge of contaminated water in Fukushima.

[President Seok-Yeol Yoon: Because they are people who say that 1 plus 1 equals 100 what the hell is called science. We have no choice but to fight against these forces.] It was

the first remark made after Japan discharged contaminated water on the 24th, and it was interpreted that it was aimed at the opposition party exaggerating the dangers of the discharge of contaminated water.

In addition to President Yoon’s remarks, the presidential office said that it would do its best to resolve the emotional concerns that still remain, saying that the power of science is exerting itself and collective intelligence seems to be gaining strength.

[Lee Do-woon/President’s Office Spokesperson: As specific and empirical figures related to the discharge of contaminated water have come out, fake news and ghost stories have decreased a lot, and political attacks and such things seem to lose a lot of power.

] Are you saying you want to fight the people who oppose the release of water?

[Lee So-young/Democratic Party spokesperson ( MBC)Radio): Why is the President taking steps to hinder national unity by splitting into left and right sides when it is not enough to work together to stabilize social unrest and take care of the people’s livelihood… .]

The Democratic Party, which fought against the discharge of contaminated water by setting a period for the first intensive action last week, is planning a second intensive action, including a sit-in at the National Assembly and a second outside rally, starting today.

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