‘1330m above sea level’ Samsung Life Insurance, Taebaek Battery Training Who is the 1st place?

This is Yoo-rim Kang.

Her Samsung life training starts on the 12th and continues until the 22nd in Taebaek, Gangwon-do. As the field training was conducted in the alpine zone, hill training (mountain running) to climb Hambaek Mountain was waiting for the team.메이저놀이터

On the 12th, the first day, during afternoon training, they had a warm-up time while walking along the Yeonhwasan Dulle-gil. On the 13th, the second day, I climbed Hambaek Mountain while measuring the record. The team’s destination is 1330m above sea level. Heal training can strengthen physical strength by pushing physical strength consumption to the limit with a small amount of oxygen.

1st place is Kang Yoo-rim. Kang Yu-rim is a different course, but last year he broke through the course in 59 minutes and 28 seconds. This year’s course took first place by 1 minute and 50 seconds earlier at 57 minutes and 37 seconds, even though the course increased by about 1 km.

Kang Yu-rim, who had just completed the course, said, “It tastes like death (laughs). It’s really hard. It’s a fight with myself for an entire hour. Was it the 5th entry until last year? He wasn’t a good climber. There is no personal change from last year. I did lose a bit of weight. I think I was able to win first place without (Lee) Haeran and (Lee) Joo-yeon.”

He continued, “After running together, we gradually started running at our own pace. In the beginning, (Yang) Jiwon got the wrong way. It seems that the gap gradually widened as we ran rather than beat each other.”

Hill training is not the last day on the 13th. Athletes are destined to climb the mountain again. Kang Yoo-rim said, “There are other courses, but this course is especially difficult. If other places are winding courses with uphills and downhills, this course is completely uphill (laughs). Should I just walk? and pondered for an hour. can’t keep running I thought about walking, but no, let’s run.

The second place in Hill Training is Yang Ji-won, who was called by Samsung Life Insurance in the 6th place in the 2nd round at the 2022 New Player Selection. Yang Ji-won clocked 1 hour and 25 seconds despite getting his way wrong. The third place is Jo Soo-ah. Jo Soo-ah recorded 1 hour 3 minutes 9 seconds to finish last year, but this year recorded 1 hour 1 minute 20 seconds and beat herself last year.

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