“150,000 won to 2.5 million won”… ‘Reading room’ scam impersonating a celebrity 

■ Famous asset management company, “Earn 2.5 million won with 150,000 won.”
A, a housewife in her 50s living in Gyeongnam, recently received an advertisement text message. It was said that with 150,000 won, you could earn 2.5 million won in just 5 days. Mr. A, intrigued by this, went to the Internet address shown in the text message.

This site was full of promotional phrases claiming that a famous asset manager would help people make money by helping them invest through similar investment advisory services, commonly known as ‘leading’. When I searched the name of the asset manager on a portal site, I found out that he was a famous person who also appeared in articles saying he had published an investment-related book or made a donation.Person A, who had not had any income for several years due to sick leave from work, thought he could make money in a short period of time, so he entered the KakaoTalk chat room on the site. Mr. A was in need of living expenses. When Mr. A first spoke with this famous asset manager in a KakaoTalk chat room, he thought it was a scam, but his suspicions did not last long. This is because the person on the other end of the conversation showed an ID card containing the asset manager’s photo, name, and resident registration number.

■ Profit of 50 million won in one day… “I need to send more money to withdraw money”
At the end of last month, Mr. A signed up for a financial transaction site as requested by the asset manager. The asset manager explained to Mr. A that this site is a place where you can make money by guessing whether the ETF index will rise or fall every three minutes, like stock futures trading.

Mr. A, who believed this, sent an investment of 10 million won to the account indicated by the asset management company. Mr. A made a profit of 50 million won in just one day from 10 million won through one-on-one reading by an asset manager.

However, when Mr. A tried to collect all the investment money and profits, the asset manager started to scare him. They requested an additional deposit, saying that the profits were too large compared to the investment amount and could result in an investigation by financial authorities .

The asset management company said that if 50 million won more was deposited, the gap between investment and profits would be reduced and financial authorities would not be suspicious. Mr. A was scared by the words ‘financial authorities investigation’ and sent 50 million won more.

However, this time, he requested an additional 35 million won, saying that he had to pay taxes such as income tax and resident tax due to the high rate of return. Mr. A sent about 35 million won in the hope of receiving the proceeds quickly. When Mr. A hesitated먹튀검증 to send more money, he invited another person to the KakaoTalk chat room and left a false certification that he had received the proceeds.

Mr. A realized that it was a fraud when the asset manager asked for another 60 million won even after receiving all the money he had requested. The amount of money Mr. A deposited over five days was approximately 95 million won. When Mr. A realized that he had been scammed, he immediately reported it to the police.

Upon checking at a nearby police station, it was found that the stock trading site was fake and the asset manager’s ID card was also forged . A group of fraudsters impersonated a famous asset management company and committed investment fraud.

■ The elderly are easily deceived… It has been shown that the middle-aged, elderly, and elderly are more likely to be fooled by fraud methods such as “ignoring text messages and confirming official permission” that
only steal money by promising to help with investment through reading. According to a survey by the Korea Consumer Agency, 80% of the victims of so-called ‘reading rooms’ were in their 40s or older, and the damage was concentrated in the middle-aged and elderly.

Experts advise that if an additional deposit is requested, citing financial authorities’ investigations, taxes or fees, etc., the transaction should be stopped immediately . We also advised you to ignore advertising text messages that say you can make a lot of money by helping you invest in a short period of time .

Attorney Kwon Oh-seong of Daeyeon Law Firm said that one must check whether the company in question has been officially licensed as an investment advisory company on the financial consumer information portal ‘Fine’ . Attorney Kwon mentioned a case in which a person made a profit through their reading in a stock reading room and pointed out that the profit guarantee type, which makes false or exaggerated advertisements as if guaranteeing profits, is also illegal. Attorney Kwon also added that if you suspect that you have been a victim of reading fraud, you should report it to the Financial Supervisory Service and proceed with preservation procedures such as provisional seizure and injunction as quickly as possible to recover the amount of damage.

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