’20-year-old rookie’ Kim Han-nuri, first quarterfinal of the National Billiards Competition… Clash with Heo Jeong-han over tickets to the quarterfinals

This year, 20-year-old Kim Han-nuri (Hwaseong Billiard Federation) defeated Heo Jin-woo (6th place, Gimpo City Sports Association) after a ‘100-minute bloody battle’ and reached the first quarterfinal of the national competition. In addition, Heo Jeong-han, Kim Jun-tae안전놀이터, Choi Wan-young, Ahn Ji-hoon, Kim Hyeong-gon, Jo Chi-yeon, and Kim Hyun-joong also passed the round of 16.

On the evening of the 7th, at the Chunhyanggol Gymnasium in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, Kim Han-nuri defeated Heo Jin-woo 40:36 at the end of a long game of 33 innings in the men’s 3-cushion round of 16 at the ‘2023 Namwon National Billiards Championship’.

The two players fought back and forth until the middle. With the score tied at 29:29 until the 28th inning, Han-Nuri Kim led by 4 points, and Jin-Woo Heo reversed it again with a high run of 5 points in the next attack (30 innings).

Kim Han-nuri was dragged to 34:36 until the 31st inning, but after making a tie at 36:36 with 2 runs in the 32nd inning, he won by driving the remaining 4 runs in the 33rd inning.

Kim Han-nuri, ranked 88th in the domestic rankings, has been eliminated in most of the 256-64 rounds without showing clear results in national tournaments, but with this victory, he will step on his first quarterfinal stage.

Heo Jeong-han (3rd place, Gyeongnam Billiards Federation) met Hwang Bong-ju (15th place, Siheung City Sports Association) and maintained a tie at 34:34 until the 22nd inning, but won with 40:34 (9 innings) thanks to the ‘finish high run 6 points’ , joined the quarterfinals.

Choi Wan-yeong (16th, Gwangju Billiards Federation) and Kim Jun-tae (7th, Gyeongbuk Sports Association) defeated Jang Seong-won (Incheon Billiards Federation) and Kim Min-seok (Busan City Sports Association) with an average of 2 points (2, 2.5), respectively, and An Ji-hoon beat Kim Young-ho by 40. :31 (35 innings). In addition, Kim Hyung-gon (4th, Seoul Billiards Federation) Jo Chi-yeon (19th, Ansan City Sports Association) Kim Hyun-joong (Seoul Billiards Federation) also passed the round of 16.

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