Next-Gen iPad Pro Could Sport A Thunderbolt Connection



A recent report from DigiTimes has revealed that Apple’s iPad Pro refresh might have been pushed to April instead of March as previously rumored. Now a report from Bloomberg is corroborating those claims by saying that they too expect the tablet to make its appearance in April.

They also share some additional details about the upcoming tablet, like how Apple could equip it with a Thunderbolt port. Right now, the iPad Pro features a USB-C connection so the change to Thunder could be interesting. For those who are unfamiliar, both USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 (and later) use the same plug and port design.

The main difference is that Thunderbolt is faster compared to USB-C and it also works with USB-C devices. This means that a USB-C device can be plugged into a Thunderbolt port, but the opposite isn’t true. This will ensure that all accessories and cables will still work with the new iPad Pro, but it will have the added advantage of offering faster transfer speeds for those who might need it.

The report goes on to claim that Apple will also apparently be giving the iPad Pro a new chipset that is allegedly on par with the M1 chipset used in Apple’s new Mac computers. Exactly what kind of performance we’re talking about is unclear, so we’ll just have to wait for the official announcement to find out.

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