Instagram Is Making Itself A Safer Space For Its Younger Users



The internet can be a scary place where sometimes you don’t necessarily know who it is that you’re talking to online. They might claim to be a certain person, but it’s easy to put on a mask and claim to be someone else. Instagram is aware of these dangers and have announced some changes to its platform that will hopefully make it safer for younger users to use.

This comes in the form of implementing the use of machine learning where during the signup process, Instagram will use AI to try and guess the user’s age. Instagram notes that while people are mostly honest about their age, there are some who might lie. “To address this challenge, we’re developing new artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help us keep teens safer and apply new age-appropriate features.”

They are also changing how DMs work, where adults will not be able to DM teens unless the teen follows them. While not necessarily the perfect solution, it should at the very least cut back on the unwanted and potentially creepy messages that some users might be receiving from strangers on the internet.

According to Instagram, “We believe that everyone should have a safe and supportive experience on Instagram. These updates are a part of our ongoing efforts to protect young people, and our specialist teams will continue to invest in new interventions that further limit inappropriate interactions between adults and teens.”

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