iPhone Production Could Be Disrupted Due To Chip Shortages



As some of you might have heard, there is currently a chip shortage problem around the world. This is affecting pretty much everyone, including Apple, which now according to a new report from Nikkei Asia has suggested that Apple’s iPhone production could very well be disrupted as a result of that.

While Apple doesn’t actually produce their own chips, they do rely on other companies for it. This includes Samsung whose OLED production is said to be impacted due to the chip shortages, and in turn has affected Apple who has sourced their OLED displays from Samsung for devices like the iPhone.

This is due to the large winter storms in Texas which forced Samsung to shut down its chip fabrication plant. That plant alone is said to be responsible for 5% of the global supply of chips, including those used for the OLED displays. It is unclear which models will be affected and if it only affects the current lineup, or if it could have an impact on future models like the iPhone 13 which is expected to launch later this year.

It’s probably still too early to tell if this could have a negative impact on the iPhone 13’s production so we’ll have to wait and see.

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