Apple Isn’t Done Trying To Reinvent The Keyboard



In order to make laptops thin and light, companies have had to design low-profile keyboards. The problem with low-profile keyboards is that it isn’t always the most pleasant to type on, which is why over the years, we have seen Apple come up with ways to try and create a better laptop keyboard.

However, a recently discovered patent suggests that Apple isn’t done trying to reinvent the keyboard just yet, and that they might have an idea. This idea comes in the form of a retractable keyboard, meaning that when the laptop is closed, the keyboard will retract into the body of the laptop, thus allowing it to remain slim.

However, when the laptop is opened up, the keyboard could “rise” up which means that in theory, Apple could create a keyboard with taller keys or switches that allow for greater travel. Apple’s proposed system seems rather complicated though as it talks about using magnets to make the keyboard retractable, where when the laptop is powered on, the magnet would have power run through it to activate it, and turn it out when the power is cut.

It sounds rather interesting, although if anything, it seems like it would just create more points of failure. With Apple facing a lawsuit for its failed butterfly keyboard design, we’re not sure if the company wants to head down that path again.

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