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How eLearning Is Transforming Training, Jobs, And Careers

Learning professionals everywhere are preparing for the next big change. Preparation is always the key to success, and learning professionals need to prepare more than anyone. The digital learning environment has gone through some major shifts lately, and it is absolutely imperative for an organization to be able to adjust its learning schemes according to the flow of events. But how can one predict that flow, especially when there is so much going on? Globally, there is a pandemic, unlike anything our generation has ever seen. Even on a smaller scale, changes are taking place at an alarming rate.

eBook Release: What Should Learning And Development Professionals Be Preparing For Next

eBook Release

What Should Learning And Development Professionals Be Preparing For Next

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What if I told you that there is a way and method to increase your chances, even when you are faced with challenges such as these? The eBook What Should Learning And Development Professionals Be Preparing For Next? does exactly that. Let us be clear though, this method is not a panacea. It is simply a tool that will help you acquire and organize the information you need. What value that information will bring is entirely up to you and the way you are going to use it.

S.T.O.P And Prepare For The Future

Learning professionals working for agile organizations have a very solid understanding of how to correct their course in case things go awry. The S.T.O.P. system is a mnemonic tool that uses the same premises as an agile system in order to help you prepare for the future as efficiently as possible. Each of the letters in S.T.O.P. represents a different stage of the system.

Scan The System

The first chapter corresponds to the letter “S,” which stands for “Scan The System.” You need to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture. Can you see what are the key factors of disruption to the L&D function in your organization? Are you able to do a systems analysis for them? Such a review should include a Venn diagram. That way, you will be able to understand how they intersect and interact with each other.

Target Trends

Moving to the next chapter, we are discussing the “Target Trends.” This chapter analyzes 4 different trendsetting factors in three different dimensions. These factors are volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Similarly, the three dimensions are drivers, effects, and demands. By understanding the power of this grid and how these forces interact with each other, you will be able to shield your organization. This is why the VUCA model is one of the oldest and more reliable tools out there.

Optimize Resources

The following chapter is “O,” which is “Optimizing Resources.”  This is a list of ways you can use to optimize your resources, including:

  • Getting Buy-In
  • Understanding Management Concerns
  • Teach Others How To Learn
  • Competency Evaluation And Model
  • EQ – Adaptability
  • Learning And Development Competency Models
  • Capacity

Proceed With A Plan

The final chapter corresponds to the letter “P” for “Proceed With A Plan.” This part of the eBook is about planning and will help you formulate and communicate your plan with the rest of your team.

What Should Learning And Development Professionals Be Preparing For Next?

The eBook What Should Learning And Development Professionals Be Preparing For Next? can help you prepare for the things that will come. This is not a stagnant analysis of trending issues and speculation on how to handle them. Rather, it is a collection of tools and practices that will help you react to *anything* that comes up, whether we can currently predict it or not.

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