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Restrict potatoes to 50kg


Irish potato farmers in Meru should utilise a 250- tonne cold storage facility whose construction is set for completion in March. FILE PHOTO | NMG

That farmers have been selling Irish potatoes in extended 110 kilogramme bags instead of the standard 50 kilogramme for years is the height of impunity. It is a painful corrupt practice that should worry the government, traders, the farmers themselves, and other market monitors.

How did Kenya get into this rut? Now, the Agriculture and Food Authority is saying the rule of 50kg packaging will start on April 2. In the past, brokers have managed to maintain the status quo through a bagful of legal endeavours while farmers and their families suffer.

The AFA, through its Acting director-general Kello Harsama, now says the new rule will be “executed in the entire value chain from the farm to the markets.” Well said. However, it should be well executed.

If well implemented, farmers will return the verdict through increased earning and happiness, which should define the essence of going into business.

The AFA and other government agencies should ensure that the potato business does not recede to the old ways of robbing the farmer in broad day light. This bending of rules must now be stopped and prevented from returning.

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