TikTok is finally adding automatic captions



TikTok is taking a big step toward making its app more accessible. The app is adding , which allows video makers to automatically create subtitles for their clips.

Up until now, TikTok users who wanted to make their videos more accessible had to manually type out captions, which could be a time consuming process. But with auto captions TikTok will be able to create subtitles for videos automatically. The video creator will also have the ability to fine-tune and edit the text after the fact in case adjustments are needed, and viewers will have the option to disable subtitles.

While TikTok notes that captions are merely the latest accessibility feature the app has added in recent months, automatic captions could the experience for people who are deaf or hard of hearing (as well as anyone who likes to scroll through their feed on mute). However, it’s still up to each video creator whether or not captions are enabled, so it could still be some time before the feature is widely adopted. (TikTok says it’s trying to “spread the word” and encourage everyone to use the feature.) Auto captions will be available in English and Japanese to start, with more languages expected “in the coming months.”


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