Accessibility Considerations In Online Training



Everyone Should Have Equal Opportunities In Training

When trying to succeed in bringing accessibility to online training, there are many things you need to keep in mind. The most important one is that in training everyone matters. Making equal chances in training a priority for all your departments is the essence of healthy company culture.

eBook Release: Accessibility Considerations In The World Of Online Training And Learning

eBook Release

Accessibility Considerations In The World Of Online Training And Learning

True accessibility is more about removing barriers and creating an inclusive environment that assures effective learning for all.

In this eBook, Adobe guides the L&D professional to a culture of accessible training and inclusion. Only through this culture can an organization hope to future-proof its workforce.

About The eBook Accessibility Considerations In The World Of Online Training And Learning

This eBook is a collection of articles and resources but can be divided into these 6 segments.

1. Why Does Accessibility Matter In The Context Of Adult Learning?

This guide opens with an important question: Why does accessibility matter in adult learning? We need to answer this question before everything else. Ultimately, accessibility is all about having the right perspective. It is about understanding that by excluding some of your employees from your learning culture, you harm your training initiative at its core.

2. How Many People Are Affected?

The next chapter examines basically if there is a market for accessibility. Accessibility is a concern for a much bigger portion of the population than one would expect, and that means not only is there a market for it but also that there is an obligation for companies and organizations to answer that need.

3. The Business Value Of Inclusion

The following section of this eBook discusses the value of inclusion from a business perspective. There is an entire network of resources dedicated to understanding and utilizing the benefits of disability diversity. With the right guidance, every organization will be able to translate its diversity and inclusion initiatives into actual growth and use them to work toward achieving their business objectives.

4. Why Should Enterprises Care About Accessibility?

Accessibility is important to enterprises because of four important reasons. First of all, it is important to provide people with disabilities opportunities that are equal to everyone else’s. Secondly, organizations are legally obligated to strive for improved accessibility. Thirdly, accessibility embraces and incorporates innovative technology. And finally, it is good for business because it helps you reach new customers and explore different markets.

5. Challenges Specific To Virtual Learning Environments

The following chapter focuses on the challenges that are specific to Virtual Learning Environments. Much like other specialized programs, VILT requires specialized accessibility considerations. This chapter also discusses how to design and run an accessible VILT course, and also what assistive technologies can help the disabled.

6. The Open University Case Study: An Inspirational Model For All

The last chapter of this eBook is a case study about the Open University and how it came to be a paragon of inclusive training. This case study will inspire and motivate you, but will also help you understand in a practical manner how and why an inclusive approach works in online training and learning.


Download the eBook Accessibility Considerations In The World Of Online Training And Learning and learn how to take your organization to a new level of an inclusive culture and equal opportunities.

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