THX Debuts A Small And Portable Headphone DAC



For a lot of people, listening to music on their phone through headphones is as simple as plugging it in (or connecting wirelessly). For the most part, it just works because usually consumer-grade headphones have everything they need built into them, and that is true for your phone as well.

However, for audiophiles and those more discerning with their tastes, they might require a little extra hardware, and THX is here to fulfill that request. The company has recently debuted the Onyx, a USB dongle that is small enough to be brought around in case you need that extra boost in audio quality while listening to music on your phone.

It features a USB-C port that plugs into your phone’s charging port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for those who are still using wired headphones. The Onyx has a THX AAA-78 amp chip and is powered by the mobile THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier configuration. The DAC is also said to support master-quality audio, which is basically how the music was being recorded while the musician/band was in the studio.

The THX Onyx does not come cheap at $200, but if you really care about audio quality it might be worth looking into. That being said, it’s not that straightforward. Other things can affect quality such as the audio source and also your headphones, so if you’re using a $20 pair of headphones, you might not necessarily be able to take full advantage of the Onyx.

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