Samsung Has A Hilarious Experiment That Transforms An iPhone Into A Galaxy Smartphone



It goes without saying that Samsung would be more than happy if they are able to convert an iPhone user to a Samsung user. The reverse would also probably be true, but in the case of Samsung, the company has actually launched an interactive website called “iTest” that basically “transforms” your iPhone into a Galaxy smartphone.

Now, this is just a website with an interface that looks like a Galaxy smartphone. It doesn’t actually do anything to your phone other than create a very convincing user interface that makes it feel like you’re using a Galaxy smartphone. You can’t actually do much with this interface.

Basically what Samsung is trying to do is allow iPhone users to experience what it might be like using an Android phone, and also to show that apps available on iOS are, for the most part, also available on Samsung/Android. We have to say that it’s actually quite a clever way of marketing their products, although we’re not sure how many people would necessarily consider buying a Samsung phone just from this test alone.

In any case, if you’re curious and want to experience a Samsung phone or maybe trick your friends into thinking you switched from iPhone to Android, head on over to the iTest website on your iPhone to check it out.

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