Dutch Politicians Tricked By Deepfake Video Chat



Deepfake videos have become quite a big concern. This is because not only do these videos have the potential to mislead the public, but it can also be used for even more nefarious purposes, like pretending to be someone else. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to a group of Dutch politicians.

According to reports from NL Times and De Volkskrant, it seems that a group of Dutch politicians representing the government’s foreign affairs committee was tricked into joining a video call by someone who used a deepfake video to pretend to be Leonid Volkov, the chief of staff of Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalny.

Apparently the Dutch politicians weren’t the imposter’s first victims either. The reports claim that the imposter had conversations with politicians from Latvia and Ukraine, while also approaching other political figures in Estonia, Lithuania, and the UK. We’re not sure what kind of damage or confidential information might have been revealed during these conversations, but the reports claim that there was no lasting damage.

However, if anything, it does highlight the importance of technology that can be used to help keep an eye out for similar deepfakes in the future. While the technology used to create deepfake photos and videos are impressive, it is scary how easy it is to use.

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