AI Could Be Used To Help Reduce Food Wastage



How often have you bought food from the grocery store but you don’t end up finishing it. Instead, you might eat it halfway and then forget about it and throw it away because it has gone bad. We’re sure that many of us have experienced that and done that ourselves, but did you also know that food wastage actually contributes to greenhouse gas emissions?

In fact, it is said to be one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions, which is why a company called Wasteless wants to solve that problem. The company believes that by employing the use of AI, they can help reduce food wastage. This is done by using the AI to automatically reduce the price of food at a grocery store the closer it is to its perishable date.

This means the closer the food is to expiring, the cheaper it will be. While supermarkets already do that, it’s not always a guarantee, and by the time it is discounted, it might be too late. According to Wasteless, they claim that their system can eliminate food wastage at grocery stores by as much as 40%, but they’re hoping that with refinements made to its system, that number can be pushed even higher to 80%.

The company has been working on the system since 2016 and is expected to begin testing it out with Metro, a company that operates 678 wholesale grocery stores around the world, but the initial kick off will be in two of Metro’s Makro stores in Poland.

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