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Cut court cases backlog


High Court judge Lydia Achode has allowed the ethics commission to produce a statement by a man who died in 2016 to be used as evidence in a Sh283 million public cemetery land in Nairobi case.

Henry Musyoki signed the statement in 2009 and testified as a prosecution witness in a related case in 2014.

Well, dead men tell no tales but their records can be resorted to in trying times like the cemetery land case that has been dragging in the courts for more than a decade.

The defunct Nairobi City Council approved the purchase of the parcel in 2005. Well, why do the dead man’s statement and these dates matter in the pursuit of justice? Because legends had warned that justice delayed is justice denied. That justice is tied to timeliness.

During the just ended interviews for positions of Chief Justice and the Supreme Court judge, the question about court cases backlog was a permanent feature and the candidates must have attempted their considered bright responses to clinch the job.

We, therefore, ask the Chief Justice designate Martha Koome, should she get the job, and the entire Judiciary to reflect on this unsightly backlog as a matter of urgency in delivering justice without delay.


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