Could Steam Be Making Its Way Onto Consoles?



Steam is probably known by many PC gamers as a digital storefront where they are able to buy games, chat with friends, look for mods, and so on. However, it has been pretty much exclusive to the PC, but could Steam be making its way onto consoles in the future? That’s what some are speculating right now.

The speculation comes on the heels of Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell who made an appearance at a public panel in New Zealand. When an audience member asked if Steam could make its way onto consoles, Newell responded by saying,  “You will have a better idea of that by the end of this year.”

We’re not sure if this is some kind of confirmation that it will, or maybe there will be something else related to consoles that Valve is doing. As to Steam launching on consoles, it would be interesting, but we can’t help but feel it would also be unlikely. This is because console makers like Microsoft have admitted that hardware isn’t what’s making them money, and that it is the sale of software and services.

So for a company like Valve to try and put Steam on a console would not go down well with console makers. Either way, it’s too early to tell what Valve has planned, so check back with us later where we will hopefully have more details to share.

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