2021 iPad Pro Benchmarks Are Pretty Impressive



When Apple announced their latest iPad Pro, it was actually a bit of a surprise that the company opted to go with the M1 chipset instead of an “X” or “Z” variant of their A-series chipset. However, it seems to have been a wise decision because based on the benchmarks of the tablet, it is handling itself very well.

This is based on Geekbench 5 benchmarks spotted on Primate Labs’ website where it was found that the 2021 M1-powered iPad Pro managed to score 7280 for multi-core performance, and 1720 for single-core performance. So what does this mean? To give you some context, it performs nearly on par with the M1 powered Macs that launched in late 2020.

However, based on the scores alone, it crushes Intel’s processors. This is compared against the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro which scored 6845, putting the iPad Pro well ahead, which is mighty impressive for a tablet. It’s actually interesting that Apple would choose the M1 chipset for the iPad and it has led to some wondering what this might mean in the future.

As it stands, M1 Mac computers can run iOS apps, so does the M1 chipset on the iPad mean that in the future it might be capable of running macOS applications as well?

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