3,000 pyeong at the end of the original plan… Former Democratic Party governor who insisted on “Kim Kun-hee’s preferential treatment”

It has been revealed that Jeong Dong-gyun, former head of Yangpyeong-gun, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, owned land near the end of the circle (Yangseo-myeon) on the Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway. Former county governor Jeong has been arguing to the effect that “the government is trying to change the highway route and change the end point to a neighborhood owned by the family of first lady Kim Kun-hee.” On the 9th, he also attended the press conference of the Democratic Party’s ‘Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway to find out the truth of the allegation of preferential treatment.

As a result of checking a copy of the Supreme Court register on this day, the former county governor Jeong and his family relatives own a total of 14 parcels of land in Asin-ri, Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong, with a total of 10,068 square meters (approximately 3046 pyeong). Among them, 11 parcels (9709㎡, about 2937 pyeong) are located about 1.6 km from the end point of the original plan. Nearby, there are three parcels of land that Park, the wife of former county governor Jeong, purchased in 2006 and 2020. Former county mayor Jeong was serving as county mayor when Yangseo-myeon’s terminal plan passed a preliminary feasibility study (yetah) in 2021.

Jeong said, “It’s an inherited land, but I don’t even know where it is, and it has nothing to do with the final destination because I have to cross a big mountain at the final destination. It is a land where there is no road.” However, as a result of site inspection, all but two lots were either on the roadside or accessible from the former military land adjacent to the road. If you apply the logic of the opposition party’s theory of preferential treatment to Kim Kun-hee, the family of Jeong, the former county governor, will benefit greatly when the original plan is followed. On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, if this route is applied,먹튀검증 a 40m high bridge cuts a village in half.

Recently, he has been arguing that ‘let’s leave the end point as originally planned and make only the descending IC (interchange)’. He requested the installation of a descending IC even in 2021, when he was serving as the military governor . In April of that year, one month after the Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway draft passed preliminary examination, Choi Jae-gwan, the Democratic Party’s Yeoju-Yangpyeong regional chairperson, held a party-government meeting with the then county governor Jeong Dong-gyun, and delivered the contents of the meeting with local residents, such as the installation of Gangha IC, to the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs . Since the original plan that passed preliminary examination does not pass through the river surface, it is necessary to change the route to install the river IC . Afterwards, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs suggested the current alternative, which was to

pull the line down to the south, install Gangha IC , and set the end point from Yangseo-myeon, west of Yangpyeong, to Gangsang-myeon, toward the center of Yangpyeong. Then, the Democratic Party, which was the party requesting the route change, suddenly opposed the alternative, insisting on the ‘Kim Kun-hee preferential theory’, and recently they are claiming that the descent IC they requested is ‘possible without changing the end point’.

Regarding this, the ruling party criticized it as ‘jae-seung-ja-bak’. Park Dae-lil, chairman of the People’s Power Policy Committee, said on Facebook that day, “If the logic of the Democratic Party is followed, the original bill will be a ‘privilege for the family of the former Yangpyeong-gun governor of the Democratic Party’” and criticized, “It is Democratic.” Then, he said, “The absurd political offensive targeting the president’s wife will be a self-inflicted attack,” and “the Democratic Party should directly investigate the’suspicion of preferential treatment for the former head of Yangpyeong-gun belonging to the party’ before insisting on’the theory of preferential treatment for the family of the president’s wife’.”

After the Seoul-Yangpyeong highway route became controversial in the political world, former county mayor Jeong appeared in the media and emphasized that there was no discussion of changing the route during his tenure as county governor, raising the possibility of preferential treatment for first lady Kim Kun-hee. In a recent internet broadcast, when the host asked, “If Kang Sang-myeon is actually the final destination, the Kim Kun-hee family, who owns this land, will be able to benefit greatly economically.” would you?” he said.

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