9th consecutive runner-up

Baek Hong-seok often appears as a commentator on Go TV. It’s been a year since he announced that he opened his YouTube channel. He is occasionally invited by other YouTubers to commentate on the finals of world competitions and chat with fans먹튀검증.

“No, well, runner-up is a great result, but you know that. Go tournaments don’t remember the runner-up. Only the winner remembers. I was runner-up.”

In 2006, at the age of 20, he won the final of his first youth competition. She did and she made it to the final stage in seven years, minus one year, and she stayed in second place nine times. Looking back, it was the heyday, and the peak was in 2012, when the runner-up march was highlighted.

I put it on white 96 and cut it off on 98 to collect the black stone points. This is why only the lower 100 houses reach 40 houses. Black takes 99 and continues the good mood. In the future, depending on how much black house grows in the middle, the situation may further widen or turn over.

<Picture> If Black 1 had shouted an attack and started chasing hemp, even White would not be able to clearly show how to survive. However, if the hemp drive is out of alignment, the black shape in the middle will have no space to build a house. If this result comes out, there is nothing to say even if the black attack is criticized for not foreseeing the future.

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