A childhood friend became a stepmom… The identity of a stepmom who married her father 33 years older

The story of a 19-year-old Indonesian woman먹튀검증 whose childhood friend became a stepmom is shocking.

Thai media The Tiger reported on the 9th that a woman named Silwa Nabella Dwianadini recently posted on social media that “My father remarried to a woman 33 years younger than me, and my stepmom is none other than my childhood friend . “

According to The Tiger, Shilwa said, “The friend who became her stepmom was the daughter of her dad’s co-worker.”

Silwa, who had not been in touch since then, met her childhood friend again in high school. I decided to accept it,” he said.

Meanwhile, her parents divorced when he was in 5th grade, and she tells Silwa that she is currently living with her birth mother and that she has yet to meet her married dad.

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