A famous webtoon writer’s autistic son with his pants down in the classroom… Reported as child abuse by special education teacher

It has been confirmed that a special education안전놀이터 teacher at an elementary school in Gyeonggi Province is on trial for abusing the autistic son of a famous webtoon writer he taught. Co-teachers and other parents are demanding leniency from the teacher.

According to <The Fact> on the 26th, Judge Kwak Yong-heon, the 9th detective of the Suwon District Court, is conducting a trial against an elementary school teacher in Yongin on charges of violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Child Abuse Crimes.

Previously, in September of last year, Mr. A was reported for child abuse by the parents of group B, autistic children.

The outline of the case is as follows.

When Group B, who has autism, lowered his pants in the classroom and behaved violently, the school separated Group B.

Afterwards, Mr. A made a remark to Mr. B that “I can’t go out with other friends anymore,” and Mr. B’s mother, who heard this, put the tape recorder in her son’s bag, gathered evidence, and reported it.

An official from the prosecution said, “It is difficult to comment on the specifics because it is a case under trial.”

The Fact contacted Group B’s father several times to hear more details, but did not answer.

Other parents have submitted a petition to the court asking for mercy from Mr. A. Fellow teachers are said to have made statements stating that Group B caused problems with his usual violent behavior.

Group B’s father is a famous webtoon writer and is active on public TV and YouTube.

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