A man who ran away after doing lewd acts at a cafe for ‘four hours’ ‘grateful’

Mr. A, a self-employed person who has been running먹튀검증 a cafe for 7 years, confessed on the 22nd that he was sexually harassed by a male customer not long ago during heavy rain in the self-employed community ‘I’m sick, so I’m the boss’.

The customer ordered Café Latte, Milk Tea and 3 bottles of Cass for 4 hours. Mr. A said, “ I

am grateful that I ordered a lot for 4 hours, but I felt something bad, so he kept looking at me .” He said,” he said. Upon checking the CCTV footage, Mr. A said that the customer was doing lewd acts with his hands. It is explained that when other guests came, he looked at his cell phone or went to smoke, etc., and other than that, he continued to engage in lewd acts while looking toward the kitchen. Mr. A said, “I asked her sister, a regular in her neighborhood, to come because a pervert came, but her sister came right away and sat down. It was a rainy day, but she left her umbrella and left quickly.” He said, “I went to the police station, but there is only a reception, and there is no contact to see how it is going, and the investigator in charge cannot even connect the phone.” Self-employed people agreed that they had experienced something similar.

Another self-employed person said, “There were people who played erotic videos in the PC room, turned on the speakers, and took their pants down.”

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