A nurse who is sick with ‘Taeum’… “It’s normal to be punished”

It is called ‘burning’ because the new nurse’s ‘soul is burned until it becomes ashes’.

It has been more than 5 years since the death of the late nurse Park Seon-wook made Taeum public.

There were social condemnation and government measures to improve this, but reporter Hong Seo-hyun found out why it was still prevalent in the field.


It is a daily routine for 4th year nurse A and her colleagues to punish in front of patients.

<Mr. A / Nurse at a university hospital in the metropolitan area> “Put it in the middle of the hallway and tell me all about the ethics of nurses…먹튀검증 Like scolding patients in front of patients when they are all sane and mental…”

Reporting it doesn’t change anything.

<Mr. A/Nurse at a university hospital in the metropolitan area> “Someone who bullied me once said, ‘If I report it, it will bother me more.'”

Senior nurse B, already literally burnt out, still sees her juniors being bullied.

<Mr. B / Nurse at a university hospital in the metropolitan area> “Leave the patient with myocardial infarction to the kid who got the wrong coffee, and jokingly joked, ‘Why is he still, the patient is dying’…”

In the first half of the year, 7 out of 10 people who visited the Health Insurance Corporation’s Human Rights Violation Counseling Center were nurses.

The biggest reason for burning continues is by far the lack of manpower.

The number of nurses is 4.6 per 1,000 population,

<Song Geum-hee / Secretary General of the Health Care Union> “Because there is no manpower to train new nurses and secure enough time to see patients…”

Any damages resulting from this are the responsibility of the patient.

Testimonies come out that there was even a case where an emergency room patient was sent to an intensive care unit to hide the risk of death due to a drug administration accident by a new recruit who was inexperienced in high-risk work.

<Mr. B / Nurse at a university hospital in the metropolitan area> “There are high-risk drugs, but if you inject them, there are cases where you can survive for a while with the drugs. If you explain, ‘My mother passed away right after going to the intensive care unit,’ the guardian actually has nothing to say.”

This is why it is urgent to expand manpower and improve treatment through the preparation of mandated standards for adequate manpower.

This is Hong Seo-hyun from Yonhap News TV .

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