A resident in his 70s collapsed at a restaurant, and a public official revived him with CPR.

At around 12:20 pm on the 6th, a man토토사이트 in his 70s who was eating at a restaurant in Jincheon-eup lost consciousness and fell to the floor along with his chair.

Kim Ha-young (30, Jincheon Public Health Center preventive medicine team), who was nearby, immediately approached the man and checked his wrist pulse.

When he could not feel a pulse, Officer Kim, who sensed that the situation was an emergency, immediately performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( CPR ), which he had already learned.

Fortunately, the man’s pulse and consciousness returned about 10 seconds after applying humidifying compression.

After receiving a report from people inside the restaurant, the 119 ambulance dispatched and transported the man to the hospital. The man is said to be safe after receiving treatment.

A military official said on the 13th, “It was a situation that could have led to a serious situation if appropriate measures had not been taken.”

Director Kim said, “The CPR training provided once a year helped us respond to emergency situations,” and added, “I am proud to be doing something meaningful.”

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