A white-skeleton body surfaced in the sea off Ulsan… I found my face restored

Last April, a white-skeleton body was discovered in the waters off Ulsan. It almost seemed like his identity would never be revealed, but the National Forensic Service restored the missing face by combining the facial bone data it had accumulated over the years with 3D scanning technology.

Reporter Kim Bomi will report.


On April 17th, a dead body surfaced in the sea메이저사이트 off Ulju-gun, Ulsan.

[Discovery of dead body… The Ulsan Rescue Team is advised to move to the scene by the Mobile Detective Boat.]

The Coast Guard recovered the body, but it was so badly damaged that it was difficult to collect fingerprints, and only bones remained on the face.

[Ulsan Coast Guard: There is a lot of corruption. [The coast guard requested an autopsy from the National Forensic Service to determine the exact identity .]

The investigation initially took into account the possibility that the body was that of a foreign sailor in his mid-30s who had disappeared nearby.

But the investigation soon returned to square one.

As a result of the National Forensic Service’s analysis of the teeth of the corpse, the age of the deceased was estimated to be between 17 and 19 years old.

In a situation where the investigation could have fallen into a labyrinth, the National Forensic Service began ‘face restoration work’.

The facial restoration process, introduced in 2018, analyzes the skull using CT scans and compares it with accumulated Korean facial bone data to predict the actual face shape and size.

[Wonjun Lee/Forensic odontologist, National Institute of Forensic Science: 3D scanned CTBy reconstructing the data, prediction results are produced about the position and shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth of the skull that is the subject of analysis.] The Coast Guard began an investigation by comparing the montage of the deceased, completed in about a month, with the list of missing persons

. Last month, we finally found the family of the deceased.

[Kim Hoon-jae/Ulsan Coast Guard Detective Team 3: It was found that it matched the body of an unknown body. Looking at the photos, it looks very similar.]

The National Forensic Service plans to actively utilize its advanced, cutting-edge technology in unsolved cases.

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