After sovereignty, Kim Min-soo returns… KT mound, towards recovery

KT right-hander Kim Min-soo (31) returned.

Kim Min-soo was registered as a first-team entry prior to the Suwon Kiwoom match on the 24th. Before the start of the regular season, Kim Min-soo, who was injured in his right forearm muscle and went into rehabilitation and left the line, joined the first team for the first time since the start of the regular season.

Kim Min-soo recorded 30 holds last year and was responsible for KT’s waist along with Ju Kwon and Kim Jae-yoon. He played several roles as a long relief and setup man, and at the end of the season, he led KT to fall baseball by playing his part as a complete winning team. This year, he planned to start the season with a winning streak, but he was unable to open the season due to injury along with Ju Kwon, resulting in a considerable gap in the KT mound in the early stages.

After rehabilitation, Kim Min-soo, who played 6 games in the Futures League and recorded 1 hold and an average ERA of 3.86, returned to the first team mound following the return of Ju-gwon last week. Like sovereignty, KT plans to decide when to invest while watching the status for the time being.

However,스포츠토토 catcher Kim Jun-tae and pitcher Cho Hyeon-woo were out due to injuries. Kim Joon-tae was hit by a pitch during a recent game, and as a result of the examination, it was initially diagnosed as a bone bruise, but the pain continued, and upon examination again, it was diagnosed that the little toe was fractured. He was unable to play for 4 weeks. At KT, where there are many injuries, Kim Jun-tae backed up catcher Jang Seong-woo and played an active role as a pinch hitter in critical situations, but was also forced to leave due to an injury. Left-hander Cho Hyeon-woo, who was registered for the first time in the season on the 10th after undergoing rehabilitation after undergoing elbow surgery last year, was excluded from the entry due to poor condition of his right ankle.

KT filled the entry by registering pitcher Kim Min-soo and catcher Moon Sang-in.

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