Apple gets kicked in the foot by the China it trusted… ‘Such a lightning strike’ 

Apple is in crisis from China.

This is because Huawei recently released a new smartphone regardless of US regulations, and there was even a so-called ‘iPhone ban’ in China.

Reporter Seonyoung Yoon, it looks like Apple is facing a crisis originating from China?


Apple is planning to release a new iPhone series on the 12th.

Ahead of a major event, the strategy for the Chinese market, one of the largest markets, is in crisis.

According to the Wall Street Journal, China recently issued instructions to central government officials not to use iPhones for work.

The bigger problem is that the ‘iPhone ban’ is being expanded more broadly beyond central government agencies to include state-owned enterprises and other public institutions.

Among these workplaces, it is said that some places ban the use of iPhones only within the workplace, but others may also set a policy to completely ban iPhone use outside the workplace.

Some are even predicting that demand for iPhones will decrease by 10 million units.


Huawei phones are receiving rave reviews, but the proportion of Chinese components has increased noticeably?


Huawei has been unable to release a 5G smartphone for the past three years amid US sanctions.

In order to respond to these American regulations, China has worked on technological independence, and it is believed that this is having an effect.

In particular, the world was surprised to learn that the ‘Mate 60 Pro’ released by Huawei had a built-in 7-nano process processor that can be manufactured only with advanced semiconductor equipment.

Accordingly, there is an analysis that Huawei will be able to regain consumers lost to Apple in the Chinese market.

Relatively speaking, it seems inevitable that there will be a hit to iPhone sales.

China is Apple’s third market after the United States and메이저놀이터 Europe, and Apple relies on China for 19% of its total sales.


Next news, is the introduction of high tariffs on steel being discussed?


The United States and the European Union are discussing ways to introduce new tariffs in relation to overproduction of steel in some countries.

Bloomberg News reported that it was ultimately aimed at China.

There are also predictions that the United States and the EU are planning an international framework that will allow other countries to join the new tariff system.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ( OECD) , China is the largest producer of more than half of the world’s steel raw materials.


Walmart in the U.S. is cutting wages?


The Wall Street Journal reported that Walmart lowered the starting salary for some new employees.

As part of the wage system reform, new store workers are being paid less than three months ago.

WSJ pointed out that as the labor market cools, employers such as Walmart are seeking to reduce labor costs instead of mass layoffs.

Walmart’s change in the wage structure for part-time workers has been implemented since July as part of the wage system reform.

Walmart’s minimum hourly wage is around $14, which varies slightly depending on the region.

Walmart has a total of 1.6 million employees.

The company plans to reduce costs by reducing labor costs and increasing automated facilities such as self-checkout counters.

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