Arrest of incumbent president’s mother-in-law in court, is there no public explanation or apology?

Choi Eun-soon, the mother-in-law of President Yoon Seok-yeol, who was accused of forgery of bank balance certificates worth tens of billions of won, was sentenced to one year in prison and detained in court on the 21st at the appellate trial. She was found guilty in the second trial following the first trial, and she was even arrested in court because “her crime is bad and there is a risk of flight.” It is the first time that the mother-in-law of an incumbent president has been arrested. Even so, the president’s office remained silent. It is an attitude of ignoring the public to not comment on the fact that the family’s crimes, which were an issue during the presidential election process, have been repeatedly recognized by the courts.

Mr. Choi was charged with forging balance certificates worth 34.9 billion won on four occasions in the process of buying land in Dochon-dong온라인카지노, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do in 2013, submitting counterfeit balance certificates worth 10 billion won to the court in a lawsuit related to Dochon-dong land, and owning the real estate under a borrowed name. The court criticized that “the law, system, and people have been instrumentalized because they are obsessed with pursuing their own interests.”

The fact that the president’s family committed a crime is not something to be overlooked. However, President Yoon has never explained the suspicions related to his family to the public in an honest manner. At the time of the presidential election, President Yoon’s remarks, “Even though my mother-in-law was scammed, I have never damaged anyone for 10 won,” caused controversy. Even after the conviction in the first trial in this case came out, it was mentioned as if it were someone else’s business, saying, “It is not appropriate to publicly comment on the judicial ruling.” During his time as prosecutor general, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office even made so-called ‘mother-in-law documents’ to protect Mr. Choi from various criminal charges, and also mentioned Mr. Choi as a victim of a counterfeiting balance certificate case. As a result, President Yoon cannot be free from responsibility for deceiving the people and using public institutions for private purposes.

The suspicion of crime surrounding President Yoon’s wife’s family does not stop there. The fact that President Yoon’s wife’s company received preferential treatment in the development process of Gongheung District in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province was revealed, and the brother-in-law was indicted. Mr. Choi, who was the representative of this implementation company, received only one written investigation and was not prosecuted, which led to criticism of the ‘investigation for neglect’. Recently, suspicions are spreading that he tried to change the Seoul-Yangpyeong highway route to the side where his wife’s land is located. The investigation into the alleged involvement of first lady Kim Kun-hee in stock manipulation of Deutsche Motors is still at a standstill.

In a situation where so many suspicions have been raised, and some of them have even been convicted, it is normal for the president to give an explanation and apology to the people at the very least.

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