Artist Hwang Ji-hae’s garden, which even King Charles admired, is located at the entrance to the A Farm Show.

The entrance to the first exhibition hall of the A-Farm먹튀검증 Show held at the aT Center in Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 1st was decorated with a garden using tree by-products. Plants and flower pots were placed here and there under the house-shaped wooden frame, and the strong scent of grass filled my nose from the moment I entered the exhibition hall.

The old leather sofa and desk stand lighting in the middle gave the impression that the garden and living space were harmonized together. Garden designer Hwang Ji-hae (pictured), who planned the exhibition, said, “We placed the plants under a framework made of Yook pine, a variety native to Korea. “For the internal shelves, we used old materials that are 200 years old,” he explained.

Artist Hwang is a garden designer who won the gold medal at the ‘Chelsea Flower Show’, the world’s largest garden and horticulture exhibition held in England in May this year. Artist Hwang became a hot topic at the time when he hugged King Charles III of England, who toured his garden at the exhibition site. He majored in Western painting in college and worked in environmental art before taking up garden design. He said, “By creating a garden inside a wooden hanok without a roof or walls, I expressed that the garden and our lives are connected without boundaries.”

The Korea Forest Service and the Korea Arboretum Garden Management Center (Han Sujeong) planned an exhibition on this day under the title ‘Garden that Gives Generously’ to promote garden culture and the excellence of Korean native plants.

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