‘Ayoung’ unconscious due to nurse abuse… Save four people and die

According to the bereaved family on the 29th, Ah Yeong-yang메이저사이트, who was receiving treatment in an unconscious state in October 2019, was declared dead the day before.Ah Yeong-yang, who had a sudden cardiac arrest on the 23rd, was reported to have reached a state of brain death while receiving CPR and drug treatment.Afterwards, the bereaved family decided to donate the organs of Ah-Yang Yang and performed surgery to donate organs to four people. Ah-young’s father said, “I sincerely thank those who have supported Ah-yeong.”On the 29th, Ah Yeong-yang’s mortuary was prepared at the funeral hall of Pusan ​​National University Yangsan Hospital. His funeral is on the 1st of July.Previously, in October 2019, Ah Yeong-yang fell to the floor in an unknown way by nurse A at a maternity hospital in Dongrae-gu, Busan and suffered injuries such as skull fractures. Ah Yeong-yang, who was transferred to the intensive care unit at Pusan ​​National University Yangsan Hospital, was diagnosed with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and a fracture of the closed cranial vault.Afterwards, Ah Yeong-yang showed symptoms of apnea and fell unconscious, and did not wake up even after about 4 years. At the time, Ah Yeong-yang ‘s parents filed a complaint with the police ,saying they suspected abuse in the neonatal unit . Mr. A, who was accused of negligence on the job, etc., argued in court that there was a problem with her child before her working hours or that the accident occurred due to a cesarean section. However, the court did not accept.The court of the first trial said, “If you put together the situation at the time and the expert’s opinion, it can be seen that the accident occurred to the child during the defendant’s working hours. If you look at the video, you can see the newborns being lifted upside down, knocked on the buttocks, and put down on the floor as if dropping them,” he sentenced him to six years in prison.Afterwards, Mr. A and the prosecution appealed from both sides, but the second trial court rejected all of their appeals and upheld the verdict of the lower court.The second trial judge said, “The judgment of the first trial is judged to be justified, and the defendant’s appeal is judged to be groundless.”On the 18th of last month, the Supreme Court dismissed Mr. A’s appeal and confirmed the judgment of the lower court, which sentenced him to six years in prison.

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