‘Bad Boy Cy Young Winner’ debut on May 3rd, not May 4th… Caring in an ML way

‘Bad Boy Cy Young Award Winner’ Traver Bauer (32) gets special treatment in his first starting match.

He was given a starting opportunity after the four-day break he was accustomed to in the major leagues. Initially, it was likely to start on May 4, but it was decided to play on the 3rd, which was pulled a day later.토토사이트

On the 28th, Bauer appeared in the second group match against Chiba Lotte. His next appearance and first-team debut in Nippon Professional Baseball comes in Game 2 against the Hiroshima Toyo Carp on May 3. It is a major league style plan to pitch after a four-day break. a kind of caring

Gazelleman, who is in his second year in Japan and has won 3 wins, the team’s first place in starting, will start his first game on the 2nd after a 6-day break in Japanese style. Here, Ishida, who served as the starting pitcher for the opening game, sortie for the third game on the 4th with a 7-day break.

Other pitchers’ schedules were adjusted little by little to match Bauer’s condition.

Coach Miura Yokohama said that he would not only keep a six-day break for starting pitching intervals before the season. Of the 15 victories won so far, 11 wins are the starters, Yokohama.

It remains to be seen what kind of change the starting rotation, which has changed with the appearance of Bauer, will bring about.

Meanwhile, Bauer made his third start in Japan against Chiba Lotte in the Eastern League on the 28th, throwing 93 pitches in 7 innings, allowing 8 hits and 4 runs. Recorded 1 walk. The strikeout caught a nine.

Local media said, “All pitches were good. There were some challenges in the set position, but it felt good. It is fortunate that the number of strikeouts has increased.”

On this day, with a ball mix centered on breaking balls, he controlled the slider, knuckle curve, cut fastball, split changeup, and two-seam fastball in the corner.

The speed of the fastball was maintained at the end of the 140km range, but exceeded 150km in a crisis. His fastest speed was 152 km.

Bauer, who won the Cy Young Award in 2020 while in Cincinnati and won 83 majors in his career, honestly said, “I think I am ready (to start the first team).”

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