Baek Kang-hyeon’s father “received a formal apology from the offender students… won’t make a problem”

Baek Kang-hyun’s father, who entered Seoul Science먹튀검증 High School in March this year at the age of 10 and dropped out on the 18th, claimed that Baek Kang-hyun was bullied at school.

Baek Kang-hyun’s father claimed on YouTube on the morning of the 21st that Baek Kang-hyun had been verbally abused and treated as an ‘invisible person’ (by his classmates) since May of this year.

However, Baek’s father said, “I received an official apology yesterday from the perpetrators of (school violence), and I will not raise a problem.”

Previously, Baek Kang-hyun announced on YouTube the day before yesterday (19th) that he “withdrew from Seoul Science High School on August 18,” and Baek Kang-hyun’s father said, “I received unfounded slander and threatening emails from a ‘senior mom’ at the same school.” Yesterday (20th) it was announced that the military would expose the fact of abuse.

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