‘Beckham is no different’, after watching his son’s game in the rain, he climbed over the fence and exited

‘Superstar’ David Beckham (47) was no different in front of the title of father.

The British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 11th (Korean time) that “Beckham visited the site of his son Romeo Beckham’s game even in the rain.”

Beckham, who went through Manchester United and Real Madrid during his active career, was a star among stars. His excellent skills, sharp kicks and handsome looks made him an icon of the times.

Beckham, who is currently the owner of Inter Miami in the American Professional Football League (MLS), is attracting attention again recently. His son is because Romeo Beckham (20) has returned to the English stage.

Romeo, from Inter Miami, led by his father, joined the Brentford B team on loan through the winter transfer window. 바카라사이트

Romeo couldn’t hide his excitement, saying, “I’m very proud and happy to be here. I came here for the first time to stay in shape during the off-season. Then the opportunity to rent came and I was really excited.”

Romeo made his appearance through the London Senior Cup. It wasn’t just Romeo that got a lot of attention. Beckham also appeared at the stadium that day.

Beckham mingled with the crowd to watch his son play in the rain. The media reported the situation at the time, saying, “Beckham watched in the rain to see Romeo, who was substituted.”

It was reported that there were 554 fans at the scene. Beckham’s unexpected appearance made the stadium agitated.

The media explained, “Beckham did not actively respond to the fans’ endless requests for handshakes and photo shoots. He jumped over the fence and left the stadium.”

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