‘Bentley owner’ in his 30s caused drunken accident in Gangnam in broad daylight… There was no license

Seoul Suseo Police Station announced on the 14th먹튀검증 that it is investigating the arrest of a man in his 30s, Mr. A, on charges of refusing to take a breathalyzer test after causing an accident while driving a Bentley without a license.

According to the police, Mr. A was arrested at the scene on the charge of refusing a police breathalyzer test request (refusing a breathalyzer test under the Road Traffic Act) after crashing into a taxi with a Bentley on a road in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul around 9 am on this day.

A driver in his 50s and a passenger in his 20s who were in the taxi suffered minor injuries in this accident. Immediately after the accident, the police responded to a report that “there was a drunk driving vehicle” and arrested Mr. A. Mr. A’s license was revoked, and it was revealed that he caused the accident while driving without a license.

The police reported that they conducted a simple drug reagent test on Mr. A, but the result was negative. The police believe that there are circumstances showing that Mr. A was drunk and driving, as he smelled of alcohol at the time of the accident. The police plan to request a detailed drug test from the National Institute of Forensic Science.

The police are considering applying for an arrest warrant on charges of driving without a license and causing bodily harm under the Special Act on Traffic Accidents.

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