“Blood is thicker than water” Stellini remained, but Conte, the ‘coach’, broke up together

Blood is thicker than water.

Antonio Conte and Tottenham have parted ways on the 27th (Korean time). However, Italian assistant coach Christian Stellini, who was brought in by Conte, remained.

He served as acting manager for the remainder of the season, assisting coach Ryan Mason as head coach. It is customary that the coach who comes with the coach shares the same fate.

This is the reason why coach Mason is likely to take over as acting coach when coach Conte was dismissed. The Tottenham native coach Mason is not in the ‘Conte Division’.

However, when his contract was terminated by mutual agreement, his course changed. Thanks to Conte’s consideration, Coach Stellini decided to take charge of the team until this season as an acting manager. Acting Stellini is highly trusted by the players.

But Conte’s older brother, Gianluca Conte, left with his younger brother. Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ reported on the day that ‘Gianluca Conte has decided to leave Tottenham after it was decided to terminate his brother’s contract’.

Gianluca Conte, who is four years older than Conte, has always supported his younger brother as a leader. At Tottenham, he was the technical analysis coach.

On the other hand, goalkeeper coach Marco Savorani, as well as set-piece and physical coaches, are said to remain at Tottenham and plan to finish the season together with Acting Stellini.

Conte took over the helm in November 2021.토토사이트 After repeated twists and turns in his first season, he put Tottenham into the ‘Big 4’.

However, on the 19th, he led 3-1 against Southampton, the ‘last place’, but allowed 2 goals at the end of the second half and exploded in a 3-3 draw. The press conference of anger was the last. He couldn’t even fill his second season and parted ways with Tottenham after 16 months.

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