Boston vs Miami, who will win the NBA version of Red Cliff?

‘Red Cliff Battle’, one of the representative battles of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, is a battle so famous that even those who are not familiar with the work know it. It was a great battle that took place on the Yangtze River between Sun Quan and Liu Bei’s allied forces against Cao Cao’s army, which continued to expand with the goal of national unification. Initially, it was a situation where Jojo had an advantage in terms of objective military power, but various variables changed the flow and eventually it was an event like a watershed where the three branches of the world began.

The highlight of the Red Cliff Battle is, of course, ‘Fire Attack’. Cao Cao, who did not have much experience in battle, was suffering from seasickness at the time. At this time, Pang Tong, an allied spy, proposed tying the ships with chains, which Jojo accepted. He risked attacking with fire from the other side, but as it was winter and a northeast wind was blowing, he judged that there was no concern.

The allied forces wanted to open fire right away, but the wind was blowing from the north to the south, so there was a high possibility that they would be struck by fire. It was only when the southeast wind blew that it was possible to open fire against Cao Cao. At this time, Zhuge Liang asserted that he would create a southeast wind, and after a few days of prayer, he was able to turn Jojo’s camp into a sea of ​​fire by making it a reality. Of course, Zhuge Liang is not a sorcerer. It is highly likely that it was predicted by reading the flow of nature rather than magic, but it is clear that the southeast wind blowing at the necessary time was a decisive event that changed the fate of each country.

Currently, the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat, which are fiercely competing in the Eastern Conference Finals, are literally fighting the NBA version of the Red Cliff. In order to seize the hegemony of the world, you must first conquer the eastern region. Both teams led their troops and organized one by one and met at the peak after coming up. The side that wins can face off against the Denver Nuggets, the champion of the Western Conference.

In terms of objective power, Boston was generously ahead. In the regular season, it was one of the clear favorites to win the championship, ranking second in the Eastern Conference and second in overall win rate. Unfortunately, they finished runner-up last season, but they are also a team that advances to the finals. CBS Sports predicted the match between the two teams in the analysis corner before the conference finals, but all eight panels raised Boston’s hand.

The leading star Jayson Tatum (25‧203cm) and Jaylen Brown (27‧198cm), who won the first Larry Bird Trophy (Eastern Conference Finals MVP) by defeating Miami last season, and Jaylen Brown (27‧198cm) are still alive and well, Marcus Smart and Derek There was a big reason why there were prominent players for each position, such as White.

However, when the lid was opened, the match began to flow in a completely unexpected direction. Under the leadership of Jimmy Butler (33, 201cm), a man who exerts his strength in particularly big games, Miami poured out more power than it could and is proud to win three victories first. It seemed that Miami’s advance was solidified, leaving the first case of a play-in tournament team reaching the finals. Miami needed one win to advance to the Finals, while Boston needed four wins. 

Boston, driven into a corner, counterattacked rather than giving up. He showed his concentration in the elimination (losing and elimination) game and recorded 3 consecutive wins after 3 consecutive losses. It was unbelievable. In the 4-out-of-7 NBA playoff series, there were 150 teams that were cornered with 0 wins and 3 losses, but all without exception had to suffer a high elimination. Absolutely zero chance. However, Boston’s fighting spirit has gone through the difficult road head-on, and now the final match is ahead.

The process of tying with 3 wins and 3 losses was also dramatic. In Game 6, where advancing and elimination depended, Boston was trailing by one point with 3 seconds remaining. Until Smart’s shot went around the rim and came out, it seemed like the game was over there. At that moment, a miraculous thing happened. White, who was running toward the rim after passing a pass to Smart, grabbed the rebound with amazing concentration and scored a putback with the closing buzzer. It happened in a split second to the extent that even a video review came out.

Boston’s tremendous performance even summoned the Red Sox, a professional baseball team from the same hometown. In 2004, the Red Sox left behind an example of a reverse sweep from 0-3 to 4-3 in the American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees. Boston’s basketball team wants to reproduce the miracle that the baseball team used in the NBA. It is said that there is no precedent yet, but the spirit of Boston, which has written the miracle of three consecutive wins after three consecutive losses, is very high.

After the match, Brown said, “I think we have a new confidence now. We came back alive from hell,” he explained the current team atmosphere. That’s how Boston’s momentum seems to pierce the sky. He became the first player in NBA history to play Game 7 in both the conference semifinals and finals for two consecutive years.

Of course, Miami has no intention of backing down after coming this far. Leader Butler said, “If I had done better, I wouldn’t have missed this situation… While blaming himself with the words, “We will do better in the 7th game and we will win”, burning the will to fight. Because they have shown strong mental strength centered on a reliable leader, they are more likely to grit their teeth and move forward even in burdensome situations.메이저놀이터

Now, both teams have no place to retreat. As Brown said, Boston has come back from hell and Miami is in hell. Since it is a series that goes through both sweet and bitter tastes, there is nothing scary about each other. You really have to pour all your energy into a single game and leave unexpected variables to the sky. With the last bout of fate left, ‘Which team will the southeast wind blow towards?’ Noticed.

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