‘Changed name and roared’ Chuncheon Tigers, 2023 KWBL Wheelchair Basketball League opening round 1 3 wins in a row

It seems that the energy of the team followed the changed ‘name’. Chuncheon Tigers won 3 matches in the opening round of the 2023 KWBL Wheelchair Basketball League and came out at the top of the league. It can’t be a huge momentum. It predicted a blast by beating strong teams such as Coway Blue Hills, the winner of the previous year, and Jeju Samdasoo, the ambush.

The 2023 KWBL Wheelchair Basketball League토토사이트, which celebrates its ninth year this year, entered a five-month long journey with a splendid opening ceremony at Chuncheon Hoban Gymnasium from 12:30 noon on the 14th. The KWBL Wheelchair Basketball League, in which a total of 6 teams (Coway Blue Hills, Chuncheon Tigers, Jeju Samdasoo, Daegu Metropolitan City Hall, Mugunghwa Electronics, and Goyang Holt) participate, starts in Chuncheon and is followed by a regional tour of Seoul, Suwon, Jeju, Sangju, and Goyang. Played 45 regular league games.

Following this, the playoffs between the 2nd and 3rd place in the regular league will be held from November 21st at the Namyangju Sports and Culture Center in a best-of-three match. The season ends with the winner of the playoffs and the 1st place in the regular league playing a championship match in a best-of-three match at the Seongnam Indoor Gymnasium from November 28th.

The opening ceremony was followed by colorful celebration performances. In particular, the idol groups BXB and Busters, who performed celebratory performances, are expected to promote the charm of wheelchair basketball to the MZ generation as they become public relations ambassadors for the Korea Wheelchair Basketball Federation. President Choi Wook-cheol said, “Through the wheelchair basketball league, we plant dreams and hopes for people with disabilities, encourage challenges and courage, and make great efforts to improve awareness of people with disabilities. I will,” he said, expressing his ambition to operate the league.

Then, the team name launching event of ‘Chuncheon Tigers’ was held. It was an event to announce the change of the team name from ‘Chuncheon City Disabled Sports Association Wheelchair Basketball Team’ to ‘Chuncheon Tigers Wheelchair Basketball Team’. The Chuncheon Tigers kicked off the opening game from 2:00 pm right after the opening ceremony and team name launching event. The opponent is Coway Blue Hills, the winner of the previous year. It was a formidable opponent.

However, thanks to the new team name attached to the advantage of the home game, the Chuncheon Tigers roared with terrifying power in the home room. The Chuncheon Tigers trailed 32-36 in the first half. Coway Blue Hills showed off good offense in the early stages, with Yang Dong-gil scoring 12 points in the first quarter alone.

However, Chuncheon Tigers showed their back. Cho Seung-hyun (35 points) and Kim Sang-yeol (21) succeeded in turning the game around in the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter, Kim Sang-yeol scored 9 points and overcame Coway’s pursuit, and won 70-64.

The momentum of the Chuncheon Tigers, who defeated the defending champion in the opening match, continued. In the second game held on the 15th, the Chuncheon Tigers, who easily defeated Jeju Samdasoo, one of the ‘championship candidates’, 74-60, defeated Daegu Metropolitan City Hall 82-72 on the 16th, becoming the sole leader of the league with three wins. Coway Blue Hills and Jeju Samdasoo followed Chuncheon Tigers with 2 wins and 1 loss. The second half of the first round will be held on August 12th and 13th at Jamsil Gymnasium in Seoul.

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