“Check it out on YouTube”… ‘Na Yeon-jin”s ‘The Glory’ vocal imitation → Hwang In-beom ‘disgusted’

 Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos) and Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul) of ’96’ showed off a ‘Chin Chin Chemie’ that became more ‘steamy’ after the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Hwang In-beom and Na Sang-ho attended a pre-training interview held at the Paju National Football Team Training Center (NFC) on the 22nd.

The two players are friends of the same age, born in 1996. After passing through the national team for each age group, he is playing for the adult national team. And last year, we played together at FC Seoul. In the interview that day, we were able to properly confirm the two players’ ‘Chin Chin Chemie’.

Hwang In-beom, who conducted an interview earlier on the day, said about reuniting with the 2022 Qatar World Cup members, “All players are nice. We had a lot of daily conversations. I was grateful and missed the Korean language itself. We had a lot of fun conversations.” 

When the reporters asked if there was a memorable conversation, he said, “Na Sang-ho imitated ‘The Glory’ before the interview and enjoyed it a lot. Please watch it on the national team’s YouTube ‘Inside Cam’.” 

Recently, through the OTT platform Netflix, writer Kim Eun-sook’s drama ‘The Glory’ is gaining great popularity, and Na Sang-ho revealed in an interview that he fell in love with it.

In the interview that followed, when Na Sang-ho was immediately asked about “The Glory,” he was clearly embarrassed.

He said, “I really enjoyed watching the drama ‘The Glory’.” The scene I copied earlier is the line that (character in the story) Yeonjini says to Sarah. You can see the details by checking the ‘Inside Cam’ video.”

In the video released on the 22nd around 6pm, Na Sang-ho, a fan of “The Glory,” kept reciting Yeonjin’s lines during the play, such as “In-Bum, it doesn’t make sense just because you spit it out” and “Thank you, In-Bum-ah.” 

Hwang In-bum didn’t know what to do with Na Sang-ho’s line and showed a really disliked reaction, saying, “It’s really the worst. I don’t know what to do.” 

In the subtitle of the video,토토사이트 he changed it to ‘Na Yeon-jin’ instead of ‘Na Sang-ho’, which became a point of laughter for subscribers. 

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