Combined, the couple earns 4.69 million won a month… 982 couples with a national pension of 3 million won or more

It was found that there are nearly 1,000 married couples receiving more than 3 million won (US$3,000) per month as both husbands and wives receive the national pension every month. The combined maximum for the couple was 4,690,560 won per month.

According to the National Pension Service토토사이트 on the 7th, as of March this year, the maximum combined amount of the national pension for couples was 4,690,560 won per month.

The couple, who live in Busan, both joined the National Pension System in January 1988. The husband paid national pension insurance premiums until August 2013 and the wife until December 2014, and as of March 2023, the husband receives 2,294,710 won per month and the wife 2,395,850 won per month.

As of March this year, the number of couples receiving the national pension was 645,487 couples (1,290,974 people). In the 35 years since the introduction of the national pension system in 1988, the number of recipients for married couples has continued to increase.

The number of recipients for married couples increased to 297,473 pairs in 2017, 298,733 pairs in 2018, 355,382 pairs in 2019, 427,467 pairs in 2020, and 515,756 pairs in 2021, followed by 624,695 pairs in 2022. exceeded 600,000 pairs.

As of March this year, the combined average pension for these couples was 986,848 won per month.

In 2017, 3 couples first came out, 2018 6 couples, 2019 29 couples, 2020 70 couples, 2021 196 couples, 2022 565 couples, etc. soaring to 982 couples as of March this year.

The number of married couples receiving more than 2 million won per month combined increased to 26,051 pairs as of March 2023, following 891 pairs in 2018, 1798 pairs in 2019, 3731 pairs in 2020, 7511 pairs in 2021, and 17,194 pairs in 2022.

56,791 couples in 2018, 79,640 couples in 2019, 110,519 couples in 2020, 153,640 couples in 2021, 222,929 couples in 2022, 25 as of March 2023 There were only 7505 pairs.

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