Comedy, action and drama all in one… ‘The day Indonesia won’

The Southeast Asian Games soccer final match between Indonesia and Thailand was marked by kick-offs and scuffles.

It was like watching an action drama over a comedy.

Head coach Shin Tae-yong was away to take charge of a different age group, but Indonesia took the lead by scoring two goals against Thailand, a powerhouse in Southeast Asia.

Thailand followed up with a goal and pursued fiercely, and now all 7 minutes of extra time in the second half have passed.토토사이트

A comedy begins.

With the referee’s short whistle sound, the Indonesian team hugged each other and shared the joy of winning… .

Listening to it again, the whistle was not the final whistle that blew once or three times.

The match resumed, this time with drama.

Thailand scored a theatrical goal and turned the match into a 2-2 scoreline.

At this moment, the genre turned to action.

When Thailand ran to the Indonesian bench and enjoyed the joy, a scuffle reminiscent of Shaolin soccer began.

The game narrowly went into overtime, and a second brawl escalated when Indonesia pulled back to the lead.

The players of the two teams got tangled up and the ground was in chaos.

With only four red cards issued, Indonesia scored two more goals against Thailand, which lost its composure, and rose to the top of the Southeast Asian Games in 32 years. [Soundbite] Shin Tae-yong(Indonesian Football

Manager) : “It happens because we yearn for victory. When it’s over, they’re all good friends, so they reconcile quickly and everyone says good work.”]

It seems to be remembered for a long time in the country.

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