Concentrated Myongji University, reported 3 wins of the season against Gyeongsang National University 

Myongji University won their 3rd win of the season.

Myongji University won a set score 3-0 (25-17, 25-14, 25-23) in a qualifying match against Gyeongsang National University in the 2023 KUSF College Volleyball U-League held at Myongji University Gymnasium in Yongin.

From the start, Shin Seong-ho harassed Gyeongsang National University’s receive as a serve. It created a foothold for consecutive scoring and ran away to 4-0, and Gyeongsang National University called a quick timeout to break the flow. Nevertheless, it was not easy to quit, and as Shin Seong-ho’s serve was out, Gyeongsang National University reported the first goal of the game.

Gyeongsang National University also gradually regained its performance, but it was difficult to narrow the score gap that had opened in the beginning. Gyeongsang National University, following the first blocking of the game, seemed to be in a bad mood with Myongji University. Unfortunately, however, the atmosphere on the court cooled down as they scored again with their own mistakes.

Myongji University won the first set with a score of 25-17.

The start of the second set was different. Gyeongsang National University scored consecutively and took a 2-0 lead. But it didn’t last long. Myongji University tied the score 4-4, and Shin Sung-ho scored a blocking goal to turn the game around 5-4. Once again, I caught a block and ran away to 6-4.

With a timeout, Gyeongsang National University succeeded in taking a breather, and although it succeeded in reversing 8-7, the balance did not last long. Myongji University led the opponent’s timeout by quickly scoring consecutive points from 9-9 to 13-9 with the height.

Myongji University reached 20-13, 20 points first without narrowing the score gap. Myongji University won the second set 25-14.메이저사이트

The third set was tight. The score balance was not easily broken until we reached the middle, and only took the initiative and took it away. Then, with the offense of attacking Myongji University, Gyeongsang National University succeeded in gaining a two-point lead, 16-14.

At 20 points, Myongji University rose first, but Gyeongsang National University did not collapse easily either. We succeeded in balancing the score 22-22, but the last concentration was regrettable. In an instant, he scored in a row and reached the match point to win the shutout.

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