Concerns are missing, let alone protests about contaminated water… “It’s not about connecting the pros and cons of the Korean government.”

On the 23rd, the day before the discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, the government began to soothe anxiety by emphasizing “discharge that meets scientific standards”. However, the opposition party strongly criticized the attitude of only pacifying domestic public opinion without conveying even the public’s concerns to the Japanese government, let alone protesting. While the ‘achievements’ of the Korea-US-Japan summit were highlighted day after day, it was pointed out that President Yoon Seok-yeol was “cowardly” even though he did not send any messages related to the discharge of contaminated water.

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo met with reporters that day and said, “The top priority in determining the discharge of contaminated water is public health and safety, and the way to secure it is based on scientific standards.” I cannot object,” he said. “Those who instigate (that the safety of discharge of contaminated water cannot be guaranteed) exclude scientific standards. It is a protest against common sense,” he added. “If (Japan) releases the water in violation of scientific standards, it will be dealt with through bilateral agreement, and if that does not work, it will (complain) to the International Court of Law of the Sea in accordance with international law.”

Park Gu-yeon, first deputy head of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, said at a daily briefing on the release of contaminated water in Fukushima that day, “Japan’s discharge plan is for Japan to decide on its own responsibility, and it is not a matter of whether the Korean government approves or opposes it.” In the briefing the previous day, “the government does not approve or support the discharge of contaminated water,” it was criticized one after another for being irresponsible, but the same keynote was repeated.

The government’s attitude was strongly criticized by the opposition. At a plenary meeting of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee of the National Assembly that day, Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Won-wook pointed out, “The government said 먹튀검증that it does not approve or support the discharge of contaminated water, but if so, there is no problem scientifically, so it will at least help.” Rep. Jeon Jeon-cheol of the same party also said, “Don’t be vague while playing with words like ‘I never agreed,’ and you should answer accurately whether you agree or disagree.” However, Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin said, “The government has never approved or supported this release. We are judging that there is no problem scientifically and technically,” he said, reiterating the government’s existing position. In response, Democratic Party lawmaker Hwang Hee pointed out, “Is the minister a spokesperson for the Japanese government?”

Despite the public’s anxiety about the discharge of contaminated water, there were strong voices criticizing President Yoon for not commenting on it, as well as comforting fishermen who are expected to suffer damage. Seung-min Yoo, former lawmaker of People’s Power, said on this day, CBS) In a radio interview, “President Yoon Seok-yeol should have announced issues related to public health and sea safety. cowardly,” he claimed. It is said that it was inappropriate for Deputy Director Park Gu-yeon to announce follow-up measures related to Japan’s release plan the day before. Former Congressman Yoo said, “In front of the Japanese Prime Minister, President Yoon said,” At a summit meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on the 12th of last month, President Yoon asked, “Please share information with our side in real time whether the entire process of release is carried out as planned.” After directly agreeing (to release), the public sentiment is not good, so the president, prime minister, and minister all run away and a vice minister comes out and announces it.”

Gyeonggi Governor Kim Dong-yeon, a member of the Democratic Party, made a statement on the same day, saying, “The Korean government dismissed the people’s concerns as a ghost story and produced a publicity video saying that the discharge of contaminated water is safe with the budget of the Presidential Office, and in fact acknowledged the discharge of contaminated water.” More than 80% of the population opposes the discharge of contaminated water. Who the hell does the South Korean government exist for?”

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