Controversy over ‘forced kissing’ of female World Cup winner

Luis Ruby Alves (45), president of the Spanish먹튀검증 Football Federation, grabbed the head of the Spanish women’s national soccer team and forcibly kissed it at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup award ceremony, sparking controversy .

On the 20th, Spain defeated England 1-0 in the final of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup held at Stadium Australia in Sydney, Australia, and reached the top of the tournament for the first time.

President Ruby Alves, who stood on the podium, congratulated the players who were delighted with gold medals around their necks at the awards ceremony. Then, after hugging striker Jennifer Hermoso, he wrapped his hands around the player’s head and kissed him on the mouth.

Spanish media reported, “Apart from the national jubilation, many fans were shocked by the forced kiss Hermoso received.”

“I don’t remember seeing Ruby Alves kissing Jordi Alba after the Spanish national team won the Nations League last June,” said Spanish journalist Anna Carreu.

The New York Times ( NYT ) criticized, “It was broadcast live to the entire world that sexism still remains in the soccer world.”

The controversy was further heightened when Ermoso was captured in a video taken in the locker room afterward, mouth telling his fellow player, “I was disgusted.” In addition, Hermoso also expressed displeasure, saying, “It wasn’t very good” through an Instagram live broadcast.

However, as the controversy grew later, Hermoso said through the local media, “Chairman Ruby Alves’ behavior was a natural expression of affection.”

“The national team has a good relationship with Ruby Alves,” he said.

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