Crowded subway on the way to work, holding it in one hand and watching videos… Samsung’s ‘Z Flip 5’, which has changed dramatically

On the way to work on the 28th, I took out Samsung Electronics’ latest foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ on a crowded subway. In the folded state, I ran YouTube by swiping my thumb over the Z Flip 5 cover display held in one hand. Although the screen was small, it did not interfere with watching videos. It was possible to set the quality and subtitles with one hand, as well as leave comments. The keyboard in the cover display was small, but typos did not occur often. Various settings such as screen brightness, Bluetooth, communication, and airplane mode could be changed with a simple operation.

Z Flip 5, which folds up and down, did not have to open and close the smartphone more often than its predecessor. This is because the size of the external cover display (based on the diagonal length) has increased significantly from 1.9 inches to 3.39 inches. The cover display supports YouTube and Netflix viewing, KakaoTalk and text message communication, and Google Map search. Basic functions such as schedule, weather, alarm, and step counter were also available.

As the cover display became larger, the ‘selfie먹튀검증 shooting’ effect was maximized. I was able to take pictures of myself using the 12-megapixel main camera and ultra-wide-angle camera. Unlike the previous model, where you had to open your smartphone and check each one after taking a selfie, you could immediately view the photos you took on the cover display.

As most of the functions are used as a cover display, the life of the product is expected to be extended. Since foldable phones open and close more frequently than existing phones, damage to the hinge (folding part) and internal display often occurs. However, as the utilization of the cover display increased, the Z Flip 5 was able to reduce the number of times it was opened and closed.

I also tried the new foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z Fold 5’, which was released with the Z Flip 5. Above all, the display size was 7.56 inches when unfolded, so it felt cool when playing games or watching videos.

It seems that the overheating problem, which was controversial in the previous work, has been solved to some extent. To prevent overheating, the game optimization system ( GOS ), which deliberately lowers game performance, was turned off, and the high-end game ‘Genshinim’ was played in high-definition. For comparison, I ran the game at the same time as the ‘Galaxy S22’ ultra model that the reporter has. When I ran the application to know the internal CPU temperature, the S22 Ultra model rose to 54 degrees, but the Z Fold 5 remained at 27 degrees. The application processor ( AP

) of Z Fold 5 is Qualcomm’s ‘Snapdragon 8 2nd Generation’. In addition, the size of the vapor chamber, which distributes internal heat, is 38% larger than that of the previous model, thereby reducing heat generation. Camera performance was disappointing. The main camera of the Z Fold 5 is 50 megapixels. In contrast to the same cameras of the Galaxy S22 Ultra model and the ‘Galaxy S23’ Ultra model, each boasting 180 million pixels and 200 million pixels.

The ‘S Pen’ that can be used in the Z Fold 5 had to be purchased separately like the previous work. However, it is encouraging that the thickness of the S Pen has become thinner from 7.4 mm to 4.35 mm in the previous work, making it easier to carry. The S Pen is smaller than the thickness (6.1 mm) when the Z Fold 5 is unfolded. Now, you have to carry the S Pen separately, but in the next model to be released, the possibility of evolving into a smartphone built-in type has opened.

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