CWS main’ Moncada No. 3 + Day 39 holder selection sortie… ‘First Quarterfinals’ Australia, will it use a miracle again?

 Will Australia, which defeated Korea and stepped on the stage of the quarterfinals for the first time in history, rise? Will Cuba, which is adding a lot of energy with the joining of major leaguers, get a ticket to the semifinals?

Australia and Cuba will face each other in the quarterfinals (quarterfinals) of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) at the Tokyo Dome in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan on the 15th. From the quarterfinals, everything is decided by a ‘single game’, and both teams are expected to pour out everything they have prepared.

Australia won 8-7 in the first round of Group B on the 9th against Korea. The Korean national team, which aimed to advance to the semifinals, formed a team with a focus on Australia. But Australia was surprisingly strong. Australia tied the Korean batting line to ‘perfect’ until the 4th inning, and broke the Korean mound by hitting two three-run home runs. And he did not miss a momentary mistake and even showed the details of making it out of count.

Australia fell to Japan after beating Korea, but succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals for the first time in history by beating China and the Czech Republic in succession. Australia: Tim Kennelly (right fielder) – Alex Hall (designated hitter) – Robbie Glendining (second baseman) – Darryl George (third baseman) – Aaron Whitefield (center fielder) – Rickson Wingrove (first baseman) – Logan Wade (shortstop) ) – Robbie Perkins (catcher) – Ulrich Boyarski (left fielder). Stephen Kent is on the mound.

For the first time in history,토토사이트 exiled major leaguers such as Yoan Moncada and Luis Robert, who are active in the Chicago White Sox, have joined Cuba. In Group A, they defeated Panama 13-4 and Taiwan 7-1, lost to the Netherlands 2-4 and Italy 3-6, recording 2 wins and 2 losses. got the ticket

Roel Santos (left fielder), Yoan Moncada (third baseman), Louis Roberts (center fielder), Alfred Despaine (designated hitter), Erisbel Aruebarena (shortstop), Yoelkiss Guibert (right fielder), Ariel Martinez (catcher) – Yadir Drake (1st baseman) – Yadir Muhica (2nd baseman).

Cuba’s starting mound will be pitched by Yaidel Rodriguez, who plays for the Chunichi Dragons. Martinez started playing for Chunichi in the 2020 season and is recording an average ERA of 3.03 with 10 wins, 10 losses and 39 holds in 79 games.

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