Daeseong Undefeated left-hander Oh Se-hoon, ⅓ innings, 3 runs, rumbling… Geelong Korea 2 consecutive losses

 Geelong Korea fell into a losing streak. 

On the 17th (Korean time), we lost 2-5 in an away match against the Australian professional baseball Melbourne Aces held at Melbourne Stadium, Australia. 

Geelong Korea laughed first. Seo Ho-cheol, who started as the lead batter in the first inning, snatched a left-handed solo arch from opponent starter Scott Harkin. And Song Chan-eui’s infield grounder succeeded in taking the lead 2-0.  바카라사이트

Melbourne counterattacked, and in the second inning, lead batter Jared Dale fired a solo gun that went over the left fence and followed up with one point. In the 6th inning, Jared Dale’s infield grounder balanced the score 2-2. 

Melbourne scored 3 runs in the 7th inning with Jake Skoll’s 2 RBI timely hit and JD Osborne’s center fielder’s sacrifice fly. 

Seo Jun-won, who took the starting mound for Geelong Korea, achieved a quality start with 8 hits (1 home run), 6 strikeouts and 2 runs (1 earned) in 6 innings.

Left-hander Oh Se-hoon, who came out as the second pitcher in the 7th inning against 2-2, collapsed with 1 hit, 2 walks and 3 runs in ⅓ innings.

Among the hitters, lead-off Seo Ho-cheol stood out. He scored two hits, one RBI, and one run, including a left-handed solo shot in the first inning. Kwon Kwang-min, number 2, achieved a multi-hit with 2 hits and 1 point. 7th pitcher Kim Joo-seong also completed a two-hit game, including a double to left-center in the ninth inning. /

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